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There is no escaping the fact that we live in a digital world which has opened up possibilities that are more effective and useful than any other by comparison. No one understands your business better than yourself, but when you take it to the internet – it is a different.

Web design has a common assumption that digital design agencies work with you ‘just’ to make the website look good, but we understand that is not just enough. It is how the site works for the end user – that’s important. Your website design should be all about relevancy to the brand, to the latest development techniques, to new platforms of customer engagement such as mobile.

Our aims are simple at Creative Works

Work closely with you to understand your business, products, services and brand knowledge to maximise effectiveness online.
Design and build a clear navigable website that is capable enough to hold the visitors longer and encourage them to become your clients.
Consult with you about the best CMS (content management system) that will underpin your web design to maximise your search engine exposure.

If you already have a web site, Creative Works can work with you to improve site layout, usability and optimising for sites search engines. For some web sites, all that is needed is a subtle redesign to improve your visitor’s experience. Or perhaps a modification in its coding to ensure your site works with the latest browsers. The team will also help your online marketing potential utilising email marketing and social media.

You just need to tell us what your objectives are! We will take it from there.

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